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Building a team: where can you scrimp and where should you splurge?

Strong teams are the key to success in any sector. Whether managing a band of IT buffs, a unit of financial whizzes, a cluster of creative designers or any other collaborative venture involving more than one individual, building up a strong team should be at the top of your priority list. To help you get the absolute most out of your team, we’ve put together a guide on areas where you should splurge, and areas where it’s OK to scrimp.




• Communication – No matter how tight your budget, never cut corners when it comes to communication. All team members should have easy and instant access to every one of their fellow colleagues. Often teams aren’t always in the same physical vicinity which calls for remote collaboration tools such as ShowMyPC. Using the intelligent software, teams can engage, discuss, share and chat from anywhere in the world.

• Support – Teams should always be given ample support. As well as access to the right resources, software and equipment needed to carry out tasks you should also have other less tangible systems in place. This includes stress management training, the opportunity to give feedback/make suggestions and the general peace of mind that if they need any form of assistance they can turn to their manager for support.





• ‘Fluff’ training – Corporate training and development has generated serious buzz and while some courses are incredibly useful, others are simply unnecessary. Before enrolling staff in courses, be absolutely certain that ROI is going to make the investment worth your while.

• Over hiring – It can be tempting to over hire when initiating the team building process but at the end of the day, too many cooks in the kitchen can hinder productivity. Instead, ensure that every member of the team has a clear cut role and is able to bring valuable skills to the table. If you do feel the need to expand your workforce in the future, you can always take on one extra employee at a time or consider enlisting the help of a temporary freelancer. If you choose the latter, remote PC sharing software such as ShowMyPC is a great way to streamline the communications process.

• On-the-job perks – It’s important to reward your team for their hard work but not at the expense of your business. If you’re just starting out then smaller, scaled rewards will do the trick. As your business grows, you can start to offer better rewards and on-the-job perks.

Now you know where to scrimp and where to splurge you can start building a better team, today!



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